We are accepting registrations now. Registration is online through this registration Page https://membership.ior-institute.org/student-applicant/step1

Once you have completed registration and then made the payment, you can access your course workbook via the student’s area. We will send you these login details in your enrolment confirmation email.

The course (i.e. workbook study, workplace reflection exercises and learning activities) is expected to take you 130-150 hours to complete. Students cannot take the exam within the first three months of study.

The examination takes place online and is administered via our partner, APMG (Accrediting Professional Managers Globally).

Three months after the enrolment confirmation, you will receive an email from APMG explaining how to register and book an exam date.

APMG provides great flexibility, allowing you to book an exam on any day, during the working week or a weekend, morning or evening, 24/7.

This flexibility has proven to be particularly attractive to students. The exam is based on 50 multiple choice questions, which must be completed within 75 minutes.

One attempt at the exam is included in the course fee. In the event a student does not pass the exam the first time and requests a re-sit, the student needs to register for the exam again and secure a new time slot.

One re-sit is permitted, and if failed, the student needs to re-enroll to study the CORM. For re-sit charges and the CORM course fees if re-enrolling after 2 failed attempts, please see our CORM Fees page.

The examination is administered via our partner, APMG (Accrediting Professional managers Globally).

Three months after the enrolment confirmation, AMPG will send you the Exam Voucher via email, together with the details explaining how to register for the exam. The voucher is valid for 9 months.

Due to periodic course book revisions, IOR expects students to take the exam within 3-6 months of the voucher being issued.

The exam can only be taken on a PC, laptop, MacBook Pro or iMAC that you have ‘Admin’ rights to, where you are allowed to install new software applications. You will need to download a software application in order for the invigilator (online exam supervisor) to be able to observe you during the exam. Tablet devices will not be compatible with the invigilating software that needs to be installed before the examination can begin.  If you are planning to use a computer at work, please check with your employer that you can install the invigilating software.

The exam can only be taken on a PC, laptop, Macbook or IMAX that you have ‘Admin’ rights to, where you are allowed to install new software applications. It is advisable to take the exam on your home PC, as understandably, for security reasons, many work-place PC’s do not allow this type of access. You need to check with your employer first if you are planning to take the exam on the work PC.

It will not be possible to take the exam on any form of tablet or mobile phone device, unless a Windows type, as the invigilating software currently cannot run on this type of device

An online ‘invigilator’ will be installed on your computer and will check security and compliance with the “closed book” requirements.

As soon as you have completed your online exam you will see a provisional result on your screen.  You will receive a confirmed result within 48 hours.  If you have been successful, your Certificate will be issued in PDF format within 20 days of the confirmed result.

At the moment to Certificate in Operational Risk Management is only available as an online exam.

Once we have received payment from your employer, we will send you a registration e-mail with the relevant details allowing you to access the course material. Please check the status of the payment with your employer before seeking an update from education@ior-institute.org. Please note that sometimes e-mails do end up in the junk or spam folder, so it is advisable to check up on them as well.

The Institute and its exam provider, APMG will aim to make reasonable adjustments to allow you to be able to study and access the exam. Where this relates to study material please contact the Institute via education@ior-institute.orgor for the exam environment please contact APMG direct via: https://apmg-international.com

The Institute recognises that sometimes circumstances that we have no control over impact our personal and professional life. Where an issue is truly unforeseen it may be covered by our policy on Extenuating Circumstances. This policy and how you make a request for these circumstances to be considered is included in the Student Handbook.

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