I have read yesterday about a young financial services focusing on people “left out in the cold by high street banks”, other words for subprime. They give unsecured loans and manage debt servicing online. They grow fast: 50% a year since creation. They keep hiring.  Staff is young and a free iPhone is offered as part of the package.
Risky strategy? Definetly. A recipe for bankruptcy? Maybe. Or not. It all depends – mainly – if the young pushy directors of this group are well aware of the risks they take, managing them accordingly, aligning them to their risk appetite when stiring the strategy.
Would you to discuss more about alignment of strategy and risks? Please comment on this blog and come, for a live debate and drinks (all free of charge) in le Pain Quotidien, 1 Bread Street on Feb 9th at 5 pm.
See you soon!

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