With many organisations struggling to adapt to the complicated world of cybersecurity, Berkeley Research Group (BRG) recently conducted a Cybersecurity Preparedness Benchmarking Study in association with the Institute of Operational Risk (IOR). The study aimed at providing a snapshot of the current state of cybersecurity practices across leading global organisations as well as advising firms in improving their cyber security programs.

The Cybersecurity Preparedness Benchmarking Study can be found on the BRG website.

Key study findings include:

  • Despite a strong focus on cybersecurity culture, many organisations do not believe their cybersecurity programs are fully effective.
  • Current employees are the likely cause behind most cybersecurity breaches.
  • Viruses and malicious software are the most common breaches.
  • Organisations mainly rely on cybersecurity assurances from external service providers and vendors. Most organisations do not have strategies for the emerging fields of the “Internet of Things” or “Big Data.”
  • Organisations lack confidence in their cybersecurity incident response capability.
  • Organisations anticipate an increase in information security budgets.

The below Press Release was issued on 8 September 2016:

To find out more about the study and to download the report (available in English, Spanish and Chinese):

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