The inaugural Annual Lecture was held on October 14th 2010 at the Chicago Booth Business School in the City of London.  In this lecture, Dr Philippa Malmgren, a former economic advisor to the White House and member of the National Economic Council, shows how Operational Risk Management is not merely a process driven discipline, but a subject of quite breath-taking magnitude when looked at objectively.  The fall-out from the collapse of the banks and subsequent global recession, the impact of mineral shortages and food shortages, the increase in food prices, the ability to freely move goods around the world, the potential for civil unrest and the impact of political pressures on financial services regulation are all issues covered in this Lecture and how they might affect the process of managing operational risks within organisations.

The Institute is extremely grateful to Dr Malmgren for delivering the inaugural Annual Lecture and to Arthur J Gallagher International for their generous support and sponsorship without which, the event would have not taken place.


This is the first tantalising part of the lecture, the full 8 part lecture of Politics, Policy and Geopolitics as Operational Risk has been published in the members area. IOR Members Only Videos

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