The Institute of Operational Risk is delighted to be able to offer holders of the Certificate in Operational Risk Management (CORM) the opportunity to apply for the post nominal designation of CIOR. From March 1st all those that have passed CORM and are current members will also be able to use the designation.

After all that hard work and study you will want to be sure that others are aware of your professional status by adding these post-nominal letters after your name.

To apply for the designation we ask for a membership subscription fee of £125 which will cover your Certificate membership of the IOR for a year (to be renewed annually).

Risk professionals have never been so busy and pivotal to the survival of organisations of all types globally, risk management has undoubtedly been at the heart of the global response to Covid-19. Our profession is firmly in the spotlight.

Make sure your professional achievements are recognised.

Contact us at: for more info.

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