Date(s) - Monday, February 14, 2011
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Conference: 15th and 16th February 2011 | Workshops: 14th February 2011 The Sheraton Park lane, London

Information Assurance in the Age of Austerity tackles the challenge of IA in the new environment head on. How exactly can the wider public sector still deliver information assurance whilst cutting costs so dramatically? And, on a more progressive note, how can IA measures actually save you money?

This timely event is designed specifically for government bodies involved in delivering IA at the local level. It tackles the unique needs of these interconnected communities that are often lost in the breadth of pan government events.

Early Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Conference Chair: David Wilde, Chief Information Officer, Westminster City Council
  • Glyn Evans, Corporate Director of Business Change, Birmingham City Council, Vice-President, Socitm, Member, CIO Council, member, Local Government Delivery Council
  • John Stubley, PSN Programme Director, Cabinet Office
  • Mark O’Neill, CIO, Department of Communities and Local Government
  • Veronica Fraser, Head of data Protection, Information Risk Management and CHIP Briefing System Information Management and Governance Information Services Direct, Department of Health
  • Martin Hansen, Former Director of information, Nottinghamshire Police; Senior Responsible Officer, east Midlands Mobile Data Project

The event covers:

  • Working With 3rd Parties: Identifying the implications of new government initiatives, including Big Society, on how you can work with other bodies, including voluntary organisations, to reduce your IA expenditure. And how can you do this whilst ensuring the data you send and receive is secure?
  • Combating the New Cyber Threats: Understand what the biggest cyber threats are to your organisation and how the Government’s £650m investment in national cyber security strategy will affect you. You’ll hear the easy, cost effective solutions that you can apply to make sure your systems stand up to attack.
  • Exposing the Secrets to a Successful Culture Change Without a Big Capital Investment: Changing the behavioural patterns of your workers is no easy task, especially now the budget for these measures is limited. Understand how to initiate successful internal awareness campaigns, how to train staff to pass on the right information, and gain practical ideas for building and maintaining awareness on a low budget.
  • Revealing the New Models for Working with Suppliers: Providing a vision for how industry can help government deliver innovative solutions on a reduced budget. Rather than committing a substantial part of your budget upfront, hear from solution providers what other options are open to you.
  • Reduce the Risk of Information Sharing: Can you trust other organisations using and accessing your data? Should you trust and feel confident about what data they provide you? How can you be sure? Hear the latest on how to make information sharing less of a leap of faith and more of an understood and managed risk.

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