The Institute of Operational Risk, established in January 2004, is a professional body dedicated to the promotion of skills and standards associated with Operational Risk Management.

Membership is available to Operational Risk practitioners at all levels and there are three grades of membership: Fellow, Professional and Associate.

The Institute supports its members through the provision of:

  • High standards – against which membership and professional competency is judged
  • External events – for the promotion of ideas, ongoing professional development and networking
  • Research – to assist the above and ensure the continual improvement of methods, techniques and knowledge
  • A Knowledge Centre – the development of a robust and informative knowledge centre for operational risk management
  • Sound Practice Guidance – the development of a series of Sound Practice Guidance papers providing the know-how for a variety of risk management practices Members are located in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Nigeria, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

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An introduction to the Institute Members of Council and Institute documentation, including the Governance Policy and Members Handbook is available from the Institute, About Us page.

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